My Bible Thoughts w/Pastor Rich

Psalms 37:12-13: The Story of Esther and God's Providential Plan

November 02, 2023 Rich Episode 164
My Bible Thoughts w/Pastor Rich
Psalms 37:12-13: The Story of Esther and God's Providential Plan
My Bible Thoughts w/Pastor Rich
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Show Notes

 "From Darkness to Divine Grace: The Story of Esther and God's Providential Plan" - My Bible Thoughts with Pastor Rich


  • In this episode of "My Bible Thoughts with Pastor Rich," we delve deep into the Book of Esther.
  • Pastor Rich Bitterman takes us on a journey through the incredible story of Esther and how God's providence can turn even the darkest moments into something beautiful.


  • The episode begins with a brief overview of the context, introducing King Xerxes' grand feast and the events leading to Esther's appearance in the story.
  • Key scripture reference: Psalm 37:12–13 (KJV) is introduced and explained, setting the theme of divine justice and God's ultimate authority.

Divine Justice and God's Providence

  • A discussion of the metaphorical interpretation of Psalm 37:12–13, explaining the concepts of "the wicked" and "the just" and their interactions.
  • Emphasis on the idea that God remains in control and that the wicked's day of judgment and consequences will come.
  • Reference to John Newton's transformation from a slave trader to a pastor and hymn writer, illustrating God's amazing grace that can transform even the most broken and sinful lives.
  • Mention of John Newton's famous hymn, "Amazing Grace," and its profound message of redemption.

Four Actionable Steps to See God's Providence

  1. Trust in God's Timing
    • Highlighting the importance of having faith in God's plan, even in dark moments.
    • The story of Joseph from the Bible is used as an example of trusting in God's timing.
  2. Embrace Courage
    • Encouragement to find courage when facing challenges and stand up for what is right.
    • Esther's bravery in approaching the king to save her people is cited.
    • Reference to Rosa Parks and her pivotal role in the civil rights movement as an example of courage.
  3. Seek Forgiveness and Transformation
    • Emphasizing the power of seeking forgiveness and transformation through a relationship with God.
    • Assurance that, no matter past mistakes, redemption and renewal are possible through God's grace.
  4. Share the Message
    • Stressing the importance of sharing experiences and faith with others to inspire and uplift them.
    • The Apostle Paul's transformation and missionary efforts are used as an example of sharing one's faith and story.

Application to Building Stronger Communities

  • How these four steps can be valuable tools for building a stronger, more compassionate, and faithful community.
  • Reference to the transformative power of faith and love in individual lives and communities.

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  • John Newton's redemption
  • Rosa Parks and civil rights
  • Building stronger communities through faith
  • Biblical examples of providence and transformation

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